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Liver cirrhosis?

The liver plays a very important role in all the organs of our body. Its position is in the second highest place. So we should take special care of the liver. Nowadays thousands of people are dying due to liver problems. But if we are a little more careful, we can protect ourselves from liver cirrhosis.

There are many problems due to liver problems. Liver cirrhosis is one of them. Liver cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver becomes incapacitated. That means the liver cannot work properly. All biochemical reactions take place in the liver. Produces human blood in the embryonic state. Removes harmful substances. Cleanses the blood. Creates nutrition.

But due to liver cirrhosis, the blood flow cannot be done properly. Due to which many problems started to appear. Liver cirrhosis is mainly caused by hepatitis. And hepatitis is more common in those who are more addicted to alcohol. Doctors can do some tests to treat cirrhosis. These include biopsies, blood tests, and more.

Liver treatment is usually given on the damaged tissue of the liver. Liver replacement is ordered if more damage is done. Let’s face it – most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about cirrhosis of the liver.

What are the causes of liver cirrhosis?

Excessive alcohol consumption causes hepatitis. Which causes liver cirrhosis due to tissue damage to the liver. There are also many other causes of liver cirrhosis. E.g.

1) Weak bile duct.
2) As a result of excessive use of some drugs.
3) Due to Wilson’s disease.
4) If there is a problem with digestion.
5) Excessive accumulation of iron.
6) Congenital defects in the liver.

What are the symptoms of liver cirrhosis?

1) Do not fall asleep.
2) A lot of pain around the liver.
3) Feeling weak.
4) Weight loss.
5) Blood cells appear on the upper skin of the lower abdomen.
6) Many times the hand becomes red.
6) Bleeding occurs in the gums of the teeth.
6) Hair falls out.
9) Heartbeat increases rapidly.
10) Frequent fever.

Liver cirrhosis is diagnosed by the above symptoms.
How can liver cirrhosis be prevented?
The following steps can be taken to prevent liver cirrhosis.

* You must stop drinking alcohol. Because it makes the condition of liver cirrhosis much worse.

* Eating must be done properly. Keep nutritious food in the diet. Eat more green vegetables. Avoid oily and spicy foods.
* Of course keep yourself free from hepatitis B and C to avoid liver cirrhosis. Consult a doctor for any sexual problem and seek proper treatment. Never use an injection needle twice. Use condoms to avoid sexual diseases.

* Keep your weight under control. Fatty liver disease is caused by weight. Which can exacerbate liver cirrhosis. Exercise regularly.

What is the treatment of liver cirrhosis?

* Liver cirrhosis patients are initially prohibited from drinking alcohol. Because it greatly increases the risk of liver cirrhosis.
* Medicine should be taken according to the doctor’s advice. Playing the wrong medicine will cause many problems in our liver.

* The patient must be kept on top of regular check-ups.
* A person with cirrhosis must be vaccinated against hepatitis B and A.
* Blood test should be done for liver cirrhosis.
* If the liver fails completely, then the doctor advises to transplant the liver.



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