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Brain stroke?

Brain strokes are very common nowadays. Many lives are lost prematurely in our society due to lack of proper knowledge. So we need to have the right knowledge about this. Then we can protect ourselves at least a little bit from Brain Stoke.
According to statistics, more than two crore people suffer from brain stroke every year. It’s really shocking. Stroke is a universally fatal problem.

Today we will learn how stroke occurs and how we can prevent it.
What is a stroke?
Cardiovascular accident is called stroke in the language of science. Stroke is never a heart disease. It is a disease of the brain. Brain strokes are caused by vascular complications. This can cause the blood vessels in the brain to rupture or close completely. Any human organ can be damaged. So we must always be aware of this.

People in their 60s are more likely to have a stroke. But nowadays many young people are also prone to stroke.
Men are more prone to this problem.

There are two types of stroke.
1) Ischemic stroke: This type of stroke can stop the blood flow to the brain regionally.
As a result, brain tissue dies due to lack of blood.

2) Hemorrhagic stroke: Here the blood vessels rupture. As a result, all the blood enters the brain. As a result, the performance of the brain is lost. The death toll from this stroke is 50 percent.
Why is a stroke?
Stroke is most affected by high blood pressure or hypertension. Strokes can also be accelerated due to family history, diabetes, eating fatty foods, etc. Blood pacer drugs cause our strokes.
We need to keep on top of regular check-ups. Then we can stay light from our own strokes.

Symptoms of a stroke:
Dizziness, blurred vision, poor eyesight, lack of balance, numbness of hands and feet, numbness of face, etc.

If these problems occur, you must contact the nearest health center.
Diet: Our regular diet can greatly affect stroke. We need to avoid fatty and high sugar foods. Instead we have to eat green vegetables. Diabetics should not eat fatty foods at all.

We need to be free from smoking and drugs.
We should exercise at least 1 hour regularly.
Regular sleep should be at least 8 hours.
If we are not in control of weight, we have to control our weight. Must be free from mental worries.

What we need to do if infected
We need to take our patient to the hospital as soon as possible after having a stroke. Neuro medicine should be shown to the doctor. Excessive bleeding may require surgery. In that case we have to arrange the operation. The patient must be mentally courageous. Physiotherapy is much needed. So we have to keep an eye on this.

Many times the heart becomes frozen. In this case, the heart must be brought back to its previous position. Strokes can paralyze our hands, feet and face. In this case, it is possible to bring the patient back to the previous position easily through some exercises and medications. So we have to keep a cool head to do the right thing. One wrong action can be a big threat to a person’s life.

If there is a blockage in the blood vessels, it is difficult to circulate blood. So we must look at this angiogram well. Blockage can lead to a disease called angina pectoris which is a precursor to heart disease. And if the heart is bad, it will not be able to pump blood properly. As a result, the brain will not receive oxygen-rich blood. Which will cause brain tissue to die. As a result we can wear it in horrible conditions like brain stroke. So the heart must be kept under close observation.



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