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10 notable issues in dengue disease

Dengue fever is one of the most common diseases in Bangladesh. The germs of this disease are very common in Dhaka city. Due to which Dhaka city is a densely populated area. Dengue-carrying mosquitoes can easily lay eggs in dirty garbage. Due to which dengue virus carrying mosquitoes appeared all over the area. So we need to create awareness about dengue mosquitoes. We must always keep our surroundings clean and tidy.

If we don’t know what symptoms we have, we will understand that we have dengue fever.
In that case, what can we do?

1) Symptoms of dengue fever

The main cause of dengue is the virus. This means that it is a viral disease. As soon as the virus enters the body, our immune system responds. Who has a fever in our body. In other words, the initial symptom of dengue is fever. Many people do not understand that he has contracted dengue. After all is over their tonic moves.

However, there is no need to think that our fever is due to fluvirus.
Fever may be accompanied by some more symptoms. For example, headache with fever, red eyes, redness of the skin may fall.
However, these may not always appear.

2) Do you worry if you have a fever?

Fever at a time when dengue is more prevalent should never be ignored.
ABM Abdullah, a medical professor at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib University, said those who died of dengue fever had neglected dengue fever.

3) Must be at rest.

If we have a fever, we must rest. A lot of hard work can’t be done in case of fever. In a word, full rest will be needed.

4) What to eat?

Fever In fact, you must consume plenty of fluids. This does not mean that we should drink too much water. This means eating water national food.

5) Medications that should not be taken.

We can take paracetamol if we have dengue fever.
We can take a maximum of 4 paracetamol.
I can take 4 grams of paracetamol in dose. However, if someone has a problem with the internal major organ, he must take paracetamol with the advice of a doctor.
It is often seen that we take aciperine for the pain of dengue fever. This is a big problem. Because it’s not right to eat. This can cause bleeding.

6) Changes in the condition of platelets

When we have dengue fever, our blood platelets start breaking down. Normal platelets range from 2.5 lakh to 4 lakh. However, if dengue fever, it can be reduced to 50,000 Which is a cause for concern for many of us. Therefore, if we have dengue fever, we should always be under medical supervision.

7) Do you have to be hospitalized if you have dengue fever?

Dengue fever is generally divided into three categories.
They are A, B, and C.
Patients in the first category are much more normal. Their major may not show any symptoms. They may just have a fever. Most patients fall into this category.
Even if they are not admitted to the hospital.

Some of the B category patients have symptoms. Feeling pain, vomiting and can’t eat anything.
Category C patients have to be kept under close observation. Many need to keep them in the ICU.

8) Duration of dengue fever

The period from July to October is the period of dengue fever. Dengue fever is more prevalent at this time.
So we have to be aware at this time.

9) Water storage

Aedes mosquitoes lay their eggs in clear water. So we will never allow water to accumulate on the roof of our house or in the flower tub.
If we can keep these things in mind then we can definitely protect ourselves from Aedes mosquitoes.

10) Use of mosquito nets

We can always use mosquito nets to protect against mosquitoes. Those of us who live in Dhaka are more likely to get dengue. So we must be aware of ourselves.


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